Somebody set up us the BIND

Narrator: In A.D. 2001
Narrator: War was beginning

We are in the company's server room. Syslogs on all machines suddenly explode with a torrent of messages about "zone rejected due to errors", instantly consuming the whole of the /var filesystem.
CTO: What happen?
Sysop: Somebody set up us the BIND.
named crashes, again. All domain names cease being resolvable.
Sysop: We get SIGSEGV.
CTO: What!
Sysop: Main screen turn on.
A massive dose of DNS cache poisoning causes the company's proxy DNS server to suddenly think that every domain name in the world is owned by Every web browser is suddenly directed to the same web server, irrespective of the actual URL. A tall supercilious figure appears on all of them.
CTO: It's You!!
Viks: How are you gentlemen!!
Viks: All your DNS are belong to us.
Viks: You are on the way to destruction.
CTO: (aghast) What you say!!
Viks: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Viks: Ha Ha Ha Ha ...
The figure vanishes, his scornful laughter echoing around the room.
CTO: (resolutely) Take off every "djb".
A lone fighter, crewed by just an Assistant Maths Professor, prepares to be launched.
CTO: (To the fighter) You know what you doing.
CTO: Move "djb".
The fighter is launched. Simultaneously, a swarm of crackers descends upon the company, using BIND bugs to deface its web site and bring its servers to their knees.
CTO: (With his last breath) For great djbdns.
Barely escaping ahead of the blast as the corporate intranet is destroyed, the lone fighter bravely heads out to make its stand against the terrible alliance, bent on world domination, of Viks and the ISC Hegemony ...

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