So you want to migrate to IM2000, do you?

Migration paths for end users

If you are an end user and want to migrate to IM2000, there are two possible paths that you can take:

In both cases you then simply tell everyone your IM2000 Internet mailbox name, which you will have agreed with whoever owns your recipient notification agent.

Migration paths for mail hosting companies and corporate mail systems

Mail hosting companies and corporate mail systems have similar structures. Mail hosting companies provide incoming and outgoing mail services for their customers. Corporate mail systems provide incoming and outgoing mail services for their members/employees. One difference, however, is that mail hosting companies will generally allow "roaming" use, whereas corporate mail systems may require direct connection to their networks in order to submit company messages or to receive mail notifications for company mailboxes.

Migrating to IM2000 for both mail hosting companies and corporate mail systems has three aspects.

Aspect 1: Deployment of IM2000 services

Migration to IM2000 involves deploying IM2000 services.

Aspect 2: Provision of compatibility services

Originators and recipients may wish to retain their existing MUAs. Such MUA can usually (with the exception of recipient MUAs that operate by having direct access to locally stored recipient mailbox contents) be supported by the use of shims.

One may choose either

Aspect 3: Deprecation of old services

Deprecation of old services involves

Ironically, the best way to discourage the rest of Internet from using SMTP-based Internet mail to reach one is to simply employ all of the various anti-UBM measures for SMTP-based Internet mail to their maximal extents. The resultant paradigm conflicts, egregious discriminations, and outright destruction of SMTP functionality will render SMTP-based mail pretty much unusable, for communicating with one, by vast swathes of the populace.

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