setuidgid — runs another program under a specified account's uid and gid.


setuidgid {account} {child}


account is a single argument. child consists of one or more arguments.

setuidgid sets its uid and gid to account's uid and gid, removing all supplementary groups. It then runs child.

setuidgid cannot be run by anyone other than root.

Exit codes

setuidgid exits 111 if it cannot find a UNIX account named account, if it cannot setgid, if it cannot setuid, or if it cannot run child. Otherwise its exit code is the same as that of child.

See also

supervise(1), svc(1), svok(1), svstat(1), svscanboot(1), svscan(1), readproctitle(1), fghack(1), pgrphack(1), multilog(1), tai64n(1), tai64nlocal(1), envuidgid(1), envdir(1), softlimit(1), setlock(1)


Original code and documentation by Daniel J. Bernstein. Converted to manual pages and updated by Gerrit Pape in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Converted to DocBook XML by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard.