Daniel J. Bernstein's softwares all in one

Well, if not all, quite a few of them.

What this is

Bernstein's toolsets:

A suite of SNTP clients/servers and some RTC maintenance utilities
A suite of tools for dæmon management
A suite of DNS clients/servers and ancillary utilities
A suite of pseudo-terminal management tools for shell script use
A suite of FTP/HTTP clients/servers and ancillary utilities
A toolset for constructing TCP clients/servers with ordinary Unix semantics of passing environment variables and file descriptors
A library for calculating time in TAI-10
Other people's stuff that might or might not be useful:

Over the years, Daniel J. Bernstein has released several toolsets, as in the infobox. As of 2016 there are some problems with this.

This is a consolidation of all of these packages.

No; qmail, fastforward, and ezmlm are not included. They're a project in their own rights. In fact, other people have already taken them on. I suggest looking at netqmail.

Obtaining it

Download source archive:

Configure your machine to use the package repository, or …

Download FreeBSD/TrueOS pre-built binaries:

Download Debian pre-built binaries:

Download OpenBSD pre-built binaries:

You can obtain it in two ways.

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