The 16-bit Family API toolkit

version 1.0.0
Jonathan de Boyne Pollard

The 16-bit Family API toolkit comprises a library and header files for using the 16-bit Family API in DOS and 16-bit OS/2 programs.

In conjunction with a 16-bit C/C++ runtime library built to the Family API, the toolkit allows DOS and 16-bit OS/2 programs to be linked from the same set of object files and C/C++ runtime library. Indeed, the Family API toolkit was used, with a Family API replacement for Borland's C++ 3.x runtime library, to build version 1.0 of the Command Line Utilities, building the same suite of tools in both DOS and 16-bit OS/2 flavours.

It was originally targetted at Borland C++ 3.x for DOS, but can and has been used from other languages and compilers, including Microsoft BASIC PDS 7.1 and Microsoft Visual BASIC for DOS.


The 16-bit Family API toolkit comprises


The 16-bit Family API toolkit has the following features:

Where to find the 16-bit Family API toolkit

The 16-bit Family API toolkit can be File Requested by anyone at any time of the day from the following Fidonet nodes:

2:257/609.0Air Applewood BBSthe U.K.

Fidonet file requests are free from these nodes, and do not require a username or password.

It can also be found on many Internet FTP sites.

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