A service that is continually up for 0 seconds is failing to start properly.

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I have a service controlled by a daemontools family toolset that svstat reports to be in the "up" state, but also reports has been up for 0 seconds, even if I wait a while and query its status again. I also am unable to actually make use of the service. What am I doing wrong to produce this erroneous behaviour ? How can I correct it ?

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What you are doing wrong is specific to the type of service that you are attempting to run. It's not possible to describe a single error that fits all circumstances, or prescribe a blanket cure. However, the result of your error, whatever it is, is that the service is exiting as soon as it is started, resulting in it being continually respawned by supervise.

You need to find out why the service process is exiting immediately. There are two things that you can do for a start in order to diagnose what the problem is:

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