JP Software's support forum is defective because the hosting software is Lyris ListManager.

JP Software pays a company called SparkLIST to provide JP Software's customer support forum. SparkLIST provides mailing list hosting services, and uses software called Lyris ListManager to do so.

What SparkLIST doesn't tell you is that Lyris ListManager is a terribly broken piece of software that doesn't interoperate at all well with the world's mail and news tools because it doesn't do various things correctly.

You may have hit one or more of these problems. If so, you are not the first to have done so. Many of JP Software's customers, over a period of almost three years now, have expressed to JP Software their frustration with the faults in the software that drives its customer support forum.

One might think to blame the client softwares for the problems. But these problems aren't at the client end. Changing one's ISP, User Agent, or local news server software won't fix these problems, because these problems are in Lyris ListManager. The only way that these problems will ever get fixed is if JP Software complains to SparkLIST about its defective service and SparkLIST in turn complains to Lyris.

JP Software has not done so, however. Instead, its tactic is fourfold:

Ironically, the Usenet comp.os.msdos.4dos newsgroup is accessible as a newsgroup, via a web interface, and via electronic mail, and doesn't suffer from any of the problems that JP Software's support forum has because of Lyris ListManager. According to JP Software, however, its problems that make it unsuitable as a forum are:

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