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I have my own content DNS and content HTTP services. Everyone can use to see my web pages. How do I configure things so that everyone can use as well ?

This is the Frequently Given Answer to such questions.

It's very simple:

Adding the record to your DNS database

The record that you add to your DNS database cannot be a client-side alias (i.e. a CNAME resource record). is a delegation point in the namespace graph, and delegation points cannot be client-side aliases. You have three options:

How you add the record depends from your choice of content DNS server software:

Adding the website alias to your content HTTP server

For best results, make sure that your content HTTP server is not sensitive to the presence or absence of a trailing dot. Users who don't want their web browsers to be subject to "DNS search list spoofing" may use fully qualified domain names in URLs. You should support them.

How you add the website alias depends from your choice of content HTTP server software:

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