Advice for Leicester people seeking English citizenship

Welcome, Johnny Foreigner from Leicestershire!

As you know, the government requires you to prove your knowledge of English in order for you to apply for English citizenship. This page is aimed at helping you with English language qualifications, and how that differs from your native tongue.

Answers to test questions

Here are answers to some of the English language proficiency theory test questions.

Leicester to English phrasebook

This phrasebook should help you with the practical examination. Practice these phrases out loud.

Lesstar English
Cob Bread roll
Large cob Loaf of bread
Cob shop Sandwich shop
Chap Sir
Hello, chap! Good day to you, sir!
We're garn darn Saynsbriz, innit bruv! I do believe that it is time to visit Waitrose, good sir.
Computar PC
The moniter on my computar is buggard. A fault has developed in the display of my PC.
Mardih Upset and churlish
Nannar Grandmother
Bew teh Good person
Hospickul Hospital
Mankeh wevvar Unpleasant weather
Ooh! Yoh bleedar! Ouch! I just hurt myself!
Buddih Friend
Boot But
It's cheepar for my sistar to drive the Ford Fiestar to Blaybeh. Local railway service is rather limited and expensive around here, my good man.
Thar's a booze from the sitteh centar everi firteh minits. You can catch an omnibus to Aylestone within half an hour.

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