Frequently Given Answers written by JdeBP

It saves time to write a Frequently Given Answer just once, and then just post a reference to it every time that a relevant question is asked, rather than soak up large amounts of bandwidth posting the same answer longhand time and again.

The common practice is to refer questioners directly to one or more specific answers, which will themsleves cross-reference the other answers that they relate to, if any. But there are people out there who are terminally inquisitive. To satisfy them, here is a list of all of the FGAs that you can find here, broken down by category.

Feel free to refer people to any of these answers yourself if you need to.

The answering of questions



Command interpreters

Operating system bootstraps

Volumes and filesystem formats


System softwares

File formats

Character sets



Programming standards

Win32 and Windows NT programming

POSIX and Unix programming

MS/PC/DR-DOS programming

General programming

The Internet

The Internet DNS

The answering of DNS questions

DNS Concepts

Providing DNS service

DNS softwares

The World Wide Web

Computer-mediated communication

Mail and news concepts

Mail and news softwares

The FediVerse







Food, leisure, and entertainment

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