Copying humour pages

The humour pages are © Copyright Jonathan de Boyne Pollard. "Moral" rights are asserted.

The humour pages are first published in the United Kingdom. "All rights reserved." simply does not apply.

Permission is hereby granted to copy and to distribute each humour page in its original, unmodified form as long as its last modification datestamp is preserved.

The last modification datestamp is the datestamp that is reported in the Last-Modified: header sent by a content HTTP server. It is not the year of first publication date in the copyright declaration.

Copying and distributing a humour page web page without retaining the original last modification datestamp is not permitted. The intent is to allow people to determine which, of several copies of a humour page, is the most recent one by comparing the last modification datestamps.

Some tools do not preserve this datestamp when copying web pages. If you save a web page to file using Mozilla, for example, it does not preserve the last modification datestamp. It is not permitted to copy a Frequently Given Answer in this manner. Use a tool that preserves datestamps, such as httpget from the Internet Utilities for OS/2 or wget, for examples.

It is not permitted to copy and to distribute modified forms of a humour page.